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Publish-date-icon July 24, 2011
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“Empty your mind, be formless… shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle; it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot; it becomes the teapot. Water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend…” Bruce Lee

Blended by Nicholas Miller

Seal Sounds under Antartica - Werner Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World
You take drugs Danny? - Every day
Master Margherita - Bugnite
Joe Rec - Reel Wisdom
Nature - Sounds
Dr. Timothy Leary - The Trip: The Turn On
Deadbeat - First Quarter
Forss – Journeyman (Tricksi Remix)
Keiichi Suzuki - Satellite Serenade (Trans Asian Express Mix)
Simalyne - Separate Thinking
Ashes & Snow - Ashes & Snow
The Advisory Circle - We Cleanse this Space
Zoltan Sultan - The Lost Empire
&Me - Red Flag
Calypso Synth Ensemble - Gaia
Laser - Sounds
Hunter S. Thompson - Prototype
Bruce Lee - Be Water
Dave Mckeown - Scottish Water
The Advisory Circle - Now Ends the Beginning
Joe Rec - Reel Wisdom
Guy J - Easy As Can Be (Tom Middleton Beatless Mix)
Hubble (Sleep is Commercial) - Live @ Club der Visionare, Berlin
Warp 69 - Natural High (Global Communication Remix)
Henry Saiz - 1981

Visual Stimulation in Your Accelerated Learning Environment

When considering visual stimulation, I believe what we take in through our eyes to be the most influential of all our senses. Our brain takes in and stores all the conscious and subconscious, subtle and overt nuances of all we see. These "imprints" can have a positive or negative influence on our ability to outpicture our natural genius abilities.

For example, the picture of a waterfall streaming down a mountain side in a tropical forest imprints our consciousness much differently than the picture of burning cars in war-torn Iraq.

Which of these two images provides the best type of visual stimulation for relaxed learning?
When we see these two images, one invokes peace, love and uplifting states of mind. The other invokes downward stressful feelings. Science shows we learn better when we feel at peace. Allowing our young children to see destructive images does not activate the parts the brain congruent with accelerated learning power.

Images and Distractions
So, to help move ourselves or our children into the most receptive state of mind for learning and help keep us focused on our learning tasks, we need positive visual stimulation such as images of nature that help us feel peace, love and harmony. Also, a neat and tidy room can help in improving concentration and focus. Having movies or games running on the computer in our room while studying, even if only in our periphery vision, can also be distracting and move our focus away from learning tasks. Remember, less is better - less distractions and less negative stimulus. If we look at the dwellings of yogis or monks, you'll find very little distractive elements in their environment. This allows for greater concentration and focus on their tasks, goals and aspirations.

Also, consider the bombardment of visual and audio imagery coming from our TVs. These go into our subconscious mind and influence our thoughts and concentration. Think how many times a day scenes from a movie or TV show you saw last night pop up in your mind. It's difficult to keep all these mental distractions out but it can be done in two ways:

Don't watch TV. If you do, try limiting your viewing to uplifting, positive topics - those related to your highest aspirations and goals.
Learn how to release those subconscious images and emotions projected by the negative imagery through TV. Meditation is an excellent way to do this and it helps you focus and become aligned with your higher mind, which is where your true genius dwells!


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